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Oral Orientation

posted Aug 15, 2010 00:00:43 by NorrisDewadeWashington
So from the title its clear that i want to discuss oral sex. And even though it sounds pretty simple its actually a subject we can talk alot about but for now we just discussing the order of opperations. You know, what they taught you in elementry Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. So my question to you Aunt Sally is who should go first. Surely ladies first but dose that mean ladies should give or recieve first. And if your both ladies or then how can you both go first. And if there are no ladies presents then that rule dosent even apply to you. Now maybe you believe in 69 its team work its togetherness and everybody is treated equally its everything that Obama stands for. But the truth is it takes away from the fun. When im at the spay i want to lay down and be serviced i cant truly enjoy my foot massage if im giving one at the same time. So you say why not be the bigger man and work on the honor system cause unfortunately there are those who say they will return the favor but they DONT!! And if if they are honest there is always the chance that you get interupted and you wont be able to claim your prize when the time comes. So my question is what takes place in your bed room how do you decide? Coin flip, rock papper sciccors perhaps. What ever it is let me know What you got to say?
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